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Children of Gaza documentary


Dispatches - Children of Gaza | A MustWatch Documentary



Boy, Five, Begs Soldiers Not To Take His Dad



Settler Violence against Children in OPT: Jameel's Story: - Jameel (16) and two electricians were to his home when they heard the sound of weapons being cocked and an Israeli soldier saying stop, you mother***r. The four Israeli soldiers verbally abused Jameel, took his ID and broke his mobile phone. Family members soon arrived as they had heard the bews. After several minutes the soldiers marched Jameel toward Ramat Yeshai settlement and told his mother and cousin that it was a closed area and they would be shot at if they followed them, after telling them moments before "go back you whores." At a checkpoint near the settlement. Jameel was blindfolded and had his hands tied with plastic cords. He was forced to stand near the checkpoint as 40-50 settlers threw stones and brutally beat him, including punching him in the neck, causing the boy extreme pain and nausea. They also verbally abused him calling him a son of a whore and a motherf***er. Soldiers also brutally beat him. His head was smashed into the ground knocking >>>

Settler Violence against Children in 5 OPT: Jameel's Story - YouTube


9 nov 2008 - A six-year-old Palestinian boy living in the West Bank town of Hebron has become one of the latest victims of attacks by Israeli settlers. His family say he was attacked for no apparent reason.

Palestinian child attacked by Israeli settler









Loss of Innocence - Exhibition of Gaza Children's Art - Robert Stewart - "Rod Cox gives a tour of his exhibition of Gazan children’s art, Loss of Innocence, which is sponsored by UNESCO. I recorded this video when the exhibition visited Dundee on 16 August 2010. The exhibition comprises about 50 pictures, drawn, painted or crayoned by children in Gaza, some immediately after, or even during the Assault by Israel on Gaza over the New Year 2008/9, and some drawn a little later. The later pictures were either drawn as part of a programme of Psycho-Social Help for the Traumatised Children, or by children who were specifically asked by Rod to set out their feelings for the benefit of Westerners understanding.













Erziehung der Kinder als MÖRDER! (GAZA)




Kinder 2

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