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Settlers Torch Another West Bank Mosque  - Not to be outdone by the magnificent handiwork of their settler colleagues of Yizhar, who burned down a nearby mosque several months ago, residents of Gush Etzion torched the mosque of Beit Fajjar, a village near Bethlehem. Haaretz calls this a “price tag” action by settlers warning the Israeli public of their displeasure with the prospect that Bibi Netanyahu’s government might contemplate renewing the settlement freeze. >>>

Settlers Torch Mosque, Copies of the Holy Quran, Near Bethlehem - A group of fundamentalist Israeli settlers broke into a mosque, on Sunday at night, in Beit Fajjar, near Bethlehem, and set it ablaze. The settlers burnt twelve copies of the Holy Quran before setting the mosque’s carpets and grounds ablaze. Local residents noticed the assailants and clashed with them before the Israeli army arrived>>>

Settlers Torch Mosque, Copies of the Holy Quran, Near Bethlehem - Saed Bannoura - "The mosque was badly burnt and the settlers also wrote graffiti on its inner walls. The incident is the latest in a series of attacks carried out by the settlers against mosques in the occupied West Bank" >>>

In photos: Mosque arson in Bethlehem >>>

Israel 'probes' W Bank mosque blaze - Israel says it has launched a 'widespread' investigation into an attack on a West Bank mosque blamed on Jewish settlers. >>>



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