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Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains - The London Visual Activist Collective (LVAC) created “Empty Spaces”, remembering all of the 500 children that were killed by Israel during the 2014 massacre. This is their press release of the event:

In the summer of 2014 Israel launched a vicious and brutal assault on the Gaza Strip killing over 2250 people. Over 550 children were killed during the attack.

Today (29. 8. 2016) members from the London Visual Activist Collective (LVAC) met outside Downing Street to remember the children that are no longer with us. Children that, if it were not for Israel’s blatant disregard for civilian life, would still be with us today. >>>

Bundeswehr: Von der Leyens Kampfdrohnen-Projekt verzögert sich - Matthias Gebauer - Ministerin von der Leyen hatte Anfang 2016 den Kauf von israelischen "Heron"-Kampfdrohnen angeordnet. Nun aber stockt das umstrittene Projekt - der Hersteller der konkurrierenden "Predator"-Drohnen klagt.

Eines der wichtigsten Rüstungsprojekte der Bundeswehr kann nach SPIEGEL-Informationen möglicherweise nicht mehr in dieser Legislaturperiode abgeschlossen werden. Am Dienstagabend unterrichtete das Verteidigungsministerium von Ursula von der Leyen die Obleute des Bundestags: Beim Erwerb von fünf israelischen "Heron"-Drohnen inklusive Bewaffnung gehe es derzeit nicht voran. Denn ein amerikanisches Konkurrenz-Unternehmen habe erneut Beschwerde gegen die Vergabe des Auftrags eingelegt. >>>

Members of European Parliament: Pressure Israel to release Palestinian Child Prisoners - The Hares Boys, five Palestinian teens who have now been imprisoned for over 2 years and one month, who are facing an Israeli military court because of a settler car accident, will be facing court dates in the coming month:
Ali Shamlawi 30 April
Mohammed Kleib 12 May
Ammar Souf, Mohammed Suleiman 20 May
Tamer Souf TBC
The international Campaign to Free the Hares Boys is urging internationals in Palestine who carry foreign passports to attend the military court hearings in Salem. If you are not in Palestine please contact your embassy and ask that they attend on your behalf. You can also inquire if your state – via its foreign representative the embassy – cares about human rights and children’s rights in particular.The Hares Boys are five Palestinian teens from the West Bank village of Hares. After a settler had a car accident on a settler only road near the village, despite the involved drivers’ own initial statements of other causes, the Israeli occupation forces invaded the village and arrested 19 boys in repeated violent raids on the village, accusing them of throwing stones and causing the accident. There were no witnesses to the car accident and no one has stated that they saw any Palestinian children throwing stones that day. Nonetheless, teen boys, all under 18, were arrested, interrogated, kept in solitary confinement in tiny cells for up to two weeks and denied lawyers.Now, five of these boys are being charged with 20 counts of “attempted murder,” one for each allegedly thrown stone. There Why this is important >>>

Israel’s Apartheid Wall can be seen from outer space, but not by Google  - #ShowTheWall campaign includes an online petition in conjunction with global campaign group Avaaz. It is expected to make Google confront its apparent reluctance to recognise the existence of Palestine - Yvonne Ridley

When the American technology giant Google was accused of deleting Palestine from its Maps app, following a global protest it admitted that it was never labelled as such in the first place, even though 136 members of the UN recognise Palestine as an independent state.

Now Google Maps is mired in controversy yet again. This time it’s because Israel’s Apartheid Wall – called somewhat euphemistically the “Separation Barrier” – which snakes its way around Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank can be seen from outer space, but it can’t be seen on Google. It is not shown on any of the maps provided by the search engine.

The Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland both feature on Google Maps and so does the relatively modest 500 metre “Western Wall” in Jerusalem alongside the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa. However, the 700 km-long concrete wall which cuts into 85 per cent of Palestine’s West Bank does not feature at all on the electronic mapping system.

Bethlehem, home to a dwindling Palestinian Christian community, has lost thousands of residents since the wall surrounded the historic city. Traders are being choked out of business due to the artificial barrier. Critics and Christian pilgrims point out that the historic route taken by the Biblical Mary and Joseph prior to the birth of Jesus would never be accomplished today because of the hideous structure and the numerous military checkpoints facing Palestinians.

Now Scottish politician Alyn Smith has launched a petition urging Google to show the Apartheid >>>

The Israelis Netanyahu will never meet - Yael Marom - Netanyahu’s recent media blitz has left a group of wistful admirers among the journalists he met – the very same journalists who betrayed their constituents, the millions of poor, sick and powerless people Netanyahu doesn’t give a damn about.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s yet unexplained media blitz, in which he spent dozens of hours in off-the-record meetings with leading Israeli journalists, turned some of his most ferocious critics into wistful admirers. One journalist after another wrote lengthy columns and Facebook posts, in which they offered their insight into the complex personality of the man they had rarely, if ever, met before.

The fortune that befell these journalists offers an opportunity to recall those who will be spared the dear leader’s charm offensive.

Netanyahu will not meet more than one million Israelis living under poverty line – as a general rule, he tends to shun minimum wage earners. Neither will he spend time with homeless families, some of whom spent a good part of the last few decades on the waiting list for public housing, including the Givat Amal tenement dwellers who were >>>

Lieberman defends soldiers who killed unarmed Palestinians - Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman defended two Israeli soldiers who unjustifiably killed Palestinians, the Anadolu Agency reported. During a visit to the Negev, near the borders with the Gaza Strip, Lieberman said: “It is impossible for the soldiers who fight terror every day to remain accompanied with advocates to defend them.”

“The two soldiers who are accused of killing a Palestinian in Hebron and another in Silwad are innocent until they are proved guilty.” He added that only a court can decide whether or not they are guilty. >>>


Dokumentation - Exekution eines verwundeten Palästinensers >>>

Execution of motionless, unarmed Palestinian youth in Hebron


Israeli soldier shot little girl, leave her bleeding #Hebron


Israel soldier Killed 18 years old Palestinian girl


Video from Al Jazeera of Damascus Gate assailant being shot dead in Jerusalem's

In einem Bericht stand, das auf dem Bauch liegende, hilflose Opfer wurde mit etwa 70 Schüssen getötet.

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Will Israel hold referendum over two-state solution? - Ben Caspit -  "With the Israeli occupation of the West Bank nearing its 50th year, Israel`s peace camp is pushing the idea of a referendum over its future." >>>

School-children tear-gassed on 2nd day of school - al-Khalil team -  "The Salaymeh checkpoint, for many school-children, is one of the unavoidable checkpoints on the daily way to school and back home. At the highly militarised structures, the children attending schools and kindergartens in the area, are subject to bag-searches, harassment, questioning and detention by the Israeli forces." >>>

30. 8. 2016

Die Lobby schlägt zu
Rabbi Abraham Cooper vom Simon-Wiesenthal Zentrum in Los Angeles ruft den Bremer Senat auf, gegen die „Antisemiten“ vorzugehen
Arn Strohmeyer

Da werden sich die Bremer Aktivisten, die sich für die Rechte der Palästinenser und für die Einhaltung von Völker- und Menschenrechte durch Israel einsetzen, bei der morgendlichen Zeitungslektüre die Augen gerieben haben: Da darf im Bremer Weser-Kurier der stellvertretende Leiter des Simon-Wiesenthal-Zentrums in Los Angeles, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, in einem Gast-Kommentar die Bremer Stadt-Regierung (Senat) auffordern, endlich gegen die „Antisemiten“ vorzugehen. Und nicht nur das, sie werden indirekt auch gleich in die Nazi-Ecke gestellt: Denn die BDS-Bewegung (Boykott, Sanktionen, De-Investment) wird da direkt mit den Protokollen der Weisen von Zion und Adolf Hitler in Verbindung gebracht.

Dann folgt noch eine üble Unterstellung und Diffamierung: „Die Feinde Israels haben nach 1967 entdeckt, dass sie ihre Propaganda gegen Israel in Europa nicht als Kriegs-, sondern als Friedensbotschaft besser verkaufen können. So ist BDS ein Kampfmittel gegen Israel, es bedient judenfeindliche Tendenzen und schürt den Antisemitismus neu. Die Deutschen dürfen nicht auf die täuschende Friedensbotschaft reinfallen und sich gegen Israel manipulieren lassen.“

Dann beschwört Cooper in rührender Weise die Werte der Thora: Feindes- und Nächstenliebe. Da kann man doch nur einwenden: Wenn der Staat Israel diese sehr humanen Gebote gegenüber den Palästinensern anwenden würde, dann gäbe es den ganzen Konflikt zwischen dem israelischen Siedlerstaat  und den kolonisierten, vertriebenen und gedemütigten Palästinensern gar nicht. Was haben Landraub, Mauerbau, die Wegsperrung von Millionen Menschen , nächtliche Razzien mit willkürlichen Festnahmen (sogar von Kindern), die Zerstörung von Häusern, Olivenhainen und Brunnen mit den von Cooper propagierten Werten der Nächsten- und Feindesliebe zu tun?

Interessant und aufschlussreich ist, dass der in Los Angeles lebende Rabbi Cooper die Bremer  >>>


Der verleumderische Text des Rabbi Cooper

Den Text zum vergrößern anklicken



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